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You have probably seen the infomercials about Bake Pops or maybe you heard about them from your friends and family. If now you would like to find out the truth and if they really are as great as you were told. Then guess what… you’ve come to the right place.

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Here you will read an unbiased review that covers all the aspects of the product from its benefits to all its drawbacks, I won’t keep anything back after you read through this you should be able to decide for yourself to buy a pan, and I will even show how to get a free Bake Pops pan.

Here Is What This Review Will Cover:

  • What are Bake Pops and how do they work?
  • The pans seem great! – There must be something wrong, right?
  • The pros and cons
  • Where to buy  and how to get a free Bake Pops pan?

What Are Bake Pops And How Do They Work?

Cake PopsIf you have seen the Bake Pops infomercial then you have a good idea of what it is. It is basically a pan that allows you to make the so-called ‘cake pops’, which are round cupcakes on sticks.

Before you had to make these cake pops by first baking a cake then crumble it up and mix it with frosting and then finally roll the mixture into small balls. This as you can imagine often ended up getting quite messy especially if you let your kids get involved.

This is why I tried out the Bake Pops pan as it would allow my kids to bake cake pops and decorate them without the kitchen ending up looking like a warzone. I have always thought it is important to include your kids in your daily activities such as cooking and baking so they can learn these skills while having fun with their parents.

Messy Cake Pops

The traditional way of making cake pops

Here is what one mom has to say,

“I absolutely love this product. It is super easy to use and my kids have a great time decorating the pops. Not only that, but the cake is moist and delicious. Great gift to give for the holiday season.”

Ms. B from Amazon Reviews

And as another mom stated,

“The pan worked perfectly…and is a great activity to do with young kids. We didn’t use the sticks…but rather made homemade “munchkins” which our girls thought was awesome.”

Emily L, from Amazon Reviews

In my opinion the Bake Pops pans live up to their promise and it is great to see your child beam with achievement when they have finished making their cake pops. You will notice that the kids will have just as much fun decorating the cake pops as they have eating them.

You will see that the pans are really easy to use; just fill them up with your favorite cake mix, put on the lid, and put in the oven. When the cake pops are baked and you have taken them out of the oven you will see that they cool really quickly because of their small size.

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When cold you can either decorate them yourself or give them to your kids for some family fun.  One important note about frosting is to use one that hardens as one mommy noted in her Bake Pops review,

“My biggest mistake with it all was that I didn’t have the right frosting/icing.  It’s best to use something that will harden.  Something like a candy coating.  I didn’t have that on hand, so I just used regular cake frosting.  While they tasted GREAT, they weren’t very pretty & were quite messy.  Oops!  The second time making these I used almond bark & it was yummy AND pretty!”

Missy, Our Kids Mom

Even if the pan is so easy to use it is a good idea to read through the instructions because this will insure your cake pops come out perfectly each time, as one consumer stated,

“One thing that I was thrilled about was that I messed up & filled the pan too full.  When the pops were done baking & I pulled them out of the oven, I was so bummed because I had cake batter oozing out the top & I thought they were ruined.  However, because I followed the directions & sprayed the top with baking spray, they extra batter popped right off!  I was SO impressed!  The cake balls weren’t ruined after all!”

Helen V, Consumer Reviews


Also some Bake Pops reviews complain that the sticks fall out from their cake pops which I agree is annoying. But if you follow the instructions and coat the tips of the sticks with melted chocolate and then insert them they won’t fall out. Here is what one mom said,

“I found that it was very important to follow the instructions for inserting the sticks in the pop. Otherwise the sticks may fall out when you pick the pop up. I dipped the tips of the sticks in the melted chocolate and then inserted them in the pop. After they hardened, none of them fell out of the pop”

Eileen, booksrusonline

The Pan Seems Great! – There Must Be Something Wrong, Right?

In my opinion the pans work great and as promised. Unfortunately I am human and like to complain so here it is. The biggest problem I found with Bake Pops is the sticks; you only get eighteen sticks which is too few especially if you like to give away your cake pops as gifts. But don’t worry as I found that my local craft shop sold similar sticks. These sticks are usually used for lollipops but they work just fine and let you make as many cake pops as you want.

Another problem that some consumers point out is that if you only have one pan you have to wait will the cake pops cools before you can put the next batch in the oven. This is what one Bake Pop review wrote,

“I recommend the Bake Pops but if I could have everything “perfect” I would change a few little things. One would be to have 2 pans.  When the cake balls come out of the oven, they need to cool before removing & so I had extra cake batter sitting around waiting to be used.  I would prefer to have a batch ready to go in the oven right when the others come out to save myself some time.”

Missy, Our Kids Mom

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Pros And Cons


  • Not enough sticks but you can always get more from your local supermarket or craft shop…
  • It requires you to read and follow the instructions, but you would do this with any kind of kitchen tool…
  • You might end up eating too many cake pops but just bake a few less and this won’t be a problem 🙂 …


  • Bake Pops are really easy to use and can be used with any cake mix, and kids love them…
  • You won’t make a mess like you would if you were to make cake pops the traditional way…
  • The pans are cheap and can be used for the rest of your life…

Where To Buy The Pans – Where Do You Get The Best Deal?


By now you should have all the facts about Bake Pops and you might be wondering where you can get the best deal. I recommend you buy directly from Amazon There are several good reasons why:

  • Firstly you are sure to get the genuine product. Unfortunately there are several cheap imitations available on the net and in stores. If you buy an imitation you have no way of knowing if it is safe to use for baking. When you buy Bake Pops, you want a kitchen tool that is non-toxic, durable and safe. If you get a copy there are no guarantees for what you get.
  • Another reason is that other online stores are known to mark-up the price.
  • Amazon is a known brand and has a great customer service.

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