Hi and welcome to my Big Boss Grill Review…

First let me start of by saying that the Big Boss Grill is not some kind of super tabletop grill. I know that the TV infomercials and many other reviews want it to appear like the next best thing after sliced bread, well that’s just not true. With the Big Boss Grill you really get what you pay for. There are many other grills that can do a lot more but if you want a cheap, quick and functional grill the Big Boss Grill might be for you.

In my Big Boss Grill review we’ll first look at what you’ll get from this tabletop grill, secondly I’ll go over the pros and cons, then I’ll show you some honest words from other consumers and finally you can read  my critical conclusion. So let’s begin…

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What do you get from the Big Boss Grill?

The Big Boss GrillI have read many Big Boss Grill reviews that praise it to the high heavens, saying that you can grill almost anything on it in a matter of minutes, this is unfortunately not true. It still takes time to grill a chicken breast or a steak, now this wouldn’t be a problem if you could fit four steaks on the grill at the same time and here is the biggest problem with the Big Boss Grill, its size.

It is just too small if you are grilling for the whole family. You can only have two steaks on the grill at the same time, this means some of the already grilled steaks will get cold while you are grilling the other ones. This is of course a problem with most of these small indoor grills.

So what is the Big Boss Grill good for? If you are only two people in the household it could be very suitable to use for dinner as it does some OK grilling. It is also very good at grilling sausages, hamburgers and grilled sandwiches as these only take a couple of minutes to grill. Many people state that their kids can even use the Big Boss Grill to make their own snack foods which supposedly give some peace to the parents.

If you have seen the Big Boss Grill infomercials you probably know that it comes with interchangeable grill plates. According to the information this lets you make waffles, doughnuts and omelets besides the normal grilling functions. This is a main selling point as you only need one device instead of four or five different ones.

Big Boss Grill InfomercialSo does it work? I have to yes, for me at least I have found that the waffles and the omelets turn out really great. I haven’t tried making doughnuts yet so I won’t comment on it but other Big Boss Grill reviews state that the doughnuts turn out quite good if you follow the recipe to the letter.

One Big Boss Grill complaint is that it is not non-stick as the company states. This I have found is true, you need to use some non-stick spray if you want a good result. This is a little annoying but not a big thing if you know it, just be sure to use some non-stick cooking spray when you use the Big Boss Grill.

This takes me to the last point about the Big Boss Grill, the cleaning. If you have used some non-stick spray then it is very easy to clean, just put them in the dishwasher and you are done. On the other hand if you make the same mistake as I did the first time and don’t use a non-stick spray you will probably end up scrubbing the plates. So I really recommend you use some non-stick spray, it will save you a lot of trouble.

What Are The Pro and Cons Of The Big Boss Grill?


  • It is great for grilled sandwiches, omelets and waffles…
  • It grills some great hotdogs, hamburgers and small steaks…
  • It is easy to clean when you use non-stick spray before grilling…
  • It is cheaper than many of its competitors…


  • The non-stick plates are definitely stick, so always use some non-stick spray when using the Big Boss Grill…
  • Its cooking surface is a little small…
  • It doesn’t have an on-off button, you have to unplug it to turn it off. This is not a big deal to me but many other Big Boss Grill reviews complain about this so I thought I mention it…

What Are Other People Saying About The Big Boss Grill?

“This is not the perfect solution for families, but is great for anyone cooking for themselves.”

Lisa M. Hendey, Amazon

“I use it daily for omelets (which are amazingly good and come out perfect every time), and for sandwich grilling. Be sure to preheat the grill for at least three minutes prior to cooking anything.“

James The Chef, Yahoo Answers

“Although I have other grills that have similar functions, I find myself reaching for this one more often because it is very easy to setup and clean and is very compact at the same time. It does a great job at grilling and pressing Sandwiches and is usually ready in three minutes. The plates are easily exchangeable and they are dishwasher proof which makes cleaning up a snap.”

M. Haddad Amazon

“I started it using again for simple things and I discovered it does a very good job for making Hamburgers, hot dogs and small steaks. Much better than the Foreman Grill and A LOT easier to clean up. It does a great job grilling hotdogs. Hamburgers and steaks come out very juicy and takes just a few minutes to cook up.”

Dona W. Wells, Chowhound

Bottom line

This is an OK grill but don’t expect rocket science when you buy it. I have found other tabletop grills that I think are better but they also cost a whole lot more. I don’t think it is fair to compare the Big Bose Grill to another product that cost three times as much. You can always spend more money and get a better product but if you want a cheap and effective tabletop grill buy the Big Boss Grill…

Where To Buy The Big Boss Grill?

Big Boss Grill ReviewLike all products you can buy the Big Boss Grill at many different shops both online and offline (the real world). This has resulted in many people paying too much as many merchant tend to mark up the price.

I recommend you buy your Big Boss Grill from Amazon because the have the best price and customer service online. Go to amazon and take advantage of their great deals…