Posted on March 03, 2012 by Charles Parson

childSpend some quality time with your kids while you at the same time cook some delicious food. Home economics teacher Kim Jackson gives her tips on how both young and old can have a good experience in the kitchen.

It can be hard to make new indoor weekend activities for the youngest family members after months of snow and cold. When all the board games have been played ad infinitum, and the family’s Playstation or Wii has been running non-stop since Christmas, it might be an idea to look somewhere else – more specifically towards the kitchen.

According home economics teacher Kim Jackson, there are many advantages in involving children in cooking, for besides that they learn to cook, most children likes to know that there is a need for them in the family.

“What can confirm this is than that by letting the children help with cooking they both get a great challenge and get to do something fun, even if it is only the easy part of the cooking the children feel they are part of helping the family.  After all we must have something to eat and it is good to learn that we can help each other in the family, “she explains and emphasizes that even the family’s youngest children can join in when working in the kitchen.

Young chefs

While the three-and four-year-old can help peel the carrots, serve food and stir cake batter, the children from the age of five and up can help by cutting and chopping vegetables, measuring ingredients and give a hand with the dishes.

“8-9-10-year-old can quickly become competent pancake bakers (but use a good pan like the one ffrom OrGreenic, click here for a full review), create great menus and they soon begin to think it is fun to help with spices and getting the right flavor of the food. When they are over 11-12 years, they make the most uncomplicated dishes by themselves, “says Kim Jackson.

Remember safety

However, one must remember that there is a difference between what a five year old and a nine year old can do in a kitchen. That is why it is important to introduce kids to the rules that apply when they are helping out in the kitchen.

“I usually do a fun safety course for children, where rules about what they can and cannot do are introduced. Of course tell them, do not play in the kitchen because it is a dangerous workplace. And of course they should not walk around with dangerous objects such as knives, hot pots and pans, “she says.

Another important aspect is hygiene. Kim Jackson emphasizes that it is important to show them how to wash hands correctly so they can see how they do it.

“When all the rules are incorporated then everyone can join in,” she says.

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