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Should you buy a new coffee machine? Hot, fresh coffee anytime you want. We will give you a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right coffee machine. Here are tips to buy the new coffee machines.

The amount of coffee consumed just in the US alone is equivalent to 158 liters per inhabitant per year, in Finland: 166 liters per year.

But the ways to prepare coffee vary…

“Most popular are still filter ground coffee, i.e., manually or electric brewed coffee”, says James Kimbersen from the US Coffee Information, whose members include  coffee roasters and importers. No less than 70 percent of coffee drinkers prefer filter ground.

Here are a few points you should look for when shopping for a coffee making machine;

  • It should be easy to replace water in water tank.
  • The scale showing the water should be clear, so that you know how much water needs to be poured in.
  • It should be easy to put filters in the filter holder and fill with coffee.
  • The coffee carafe should be easy to insert and remove from the machine.
  • The handle should be designed in the way that you can pour from the pitcher without burning yourself.
  • There should be a drip stop which enables you to interrupt the brewing process without the coffee coming out on the hot plate.
  • It should be easy to clean the machine.
  • It should be easy to determine if the machine is switched on or off.
  • The indicator should be clearly visible.
  • If you want to be able to put the machine under a kitchen cabinet, make sure the water reservoir is raised.


Do not forget maintenance of the coffee machine


A coffee machine needs decalcification. Some have automated program for this. Otherwise, check the manual on how to do this. There are special products for decalcification on the market, you can use these or you can dissolved a few tablespoons of vinegar or citric acid  in one liter of water and run it through machine with . The key is to run the water mixture through the machine  a few times, followed by two rounds of clean water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly!

In some brewers, there may be water left after brewing. Remember to pour out any excess water! Cold and fresh water provide delicious coffee.


Impress with espresso machines

espressoSo you’re a big fan of espresso, then? How do espresso machines work? And what distinguishes espresso machine from the regular coffee machines?

There is really not much difference between the concepts, but there are big differences on the machines available. Some include mill and the whole kit, others are easier. And then there are those with so-called pods (pouch espresso coffee).

The portioned espresso coffee, called pods, are convenient and usually means less work. Some espresso machines are intended only just for pods.

One of the best-selling single-cup coffee machines out on the market today is Keurig B70. Read our review here!


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