Posted on March 11, 2012 by Charles Parson

Treat friends, family and kids to delicious, homemade chocolate Easter eggs filled with marzipan.

Easter is upon us, and for most it means holidays, Easter dinners and especially Easter eggs. Easter Eggs are found today in all sizes, ranging from the smallest that can be eaten in a single mouthful like those made with Bake Pops and really big ones that weigh several kilograms; these are the ones that cause passersby to gape in front of the chocolate shop display windows.

Although the popular chocolate eggs today can be bought in any supermarket at Easter time, why not give your friends and family something special this year by making them yourself? Homemade chocolate Easter eggs with marzipan wrapped in a beautiful box is also the perfect host and hostess gift for Easter this year.

The best ingredients

It is quite easy to start making homemade Easter eggs, and with a few tips, it’s a cinch to make professional chocolate eggs that are both artful and taste superb.
One of the most important things to remember is to use the best ingredients you can get. This is especially true about marzipan, which should be made out of almonds to achieve the best result.

Please check the product label on the package as most of the marzipan, we find in the supermarket today is made from apricot kernels, since these are cheaper. Marzipan from apricot kernels have a tendency to be drier than marzipan which is made entirely of almonds.

The most beautiful chocolate

To get the most beautiful Easter eggs, it is important that tempers the chocolate, as it gives a brighter and shinier results. This is done by chopping up the chocolate, then one half is melted in a water bath. Thereafter you add the remaining chocolate, which cools the chocolate down.

Which cocoa percentage is best, this obviously depends on personal taste, but if you use a chocolate with a cacao percentage of around 70 percent, you are well on your way as chocolate with higher cocoa percentage may be too bitter for some tastes. Should the Easter eggs be eaten by children, a cocoa percentage at around 50 percent would be sufficient.

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