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Hi! If you are thinking about buying a Cuisinart electric knife, you might want to spend a couple of minutes reading this review as it might change your mind. Here you will find all you need to know about this electric knife including all the advantages, disadvantages and if it is really worth your money.

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So What Can And Can’t This Electric Carving Knife Do?

The Cuisinart Electric Knife CEK-40 is, according to Cuisinart, made for carving and slicing meat, vegetables and bread and it does this very well in my opinion. It is especially good at cutting thin slices of meat without any effort. Of course a good chef knife and a steady hand can do the same but you’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars for such a knife and you’ll still need the practice to get those fine slices you want.

One thing this knife doesn’t do is cut through bone. This is important to remember as it can easily break the knife. I have read many Cuisinart Electric Knife reviews and I have found many people complaining and whining about their knives breaking the first time they used them to cut through a turkey leg or some other kind of bones. But if you use it only for cutting the things it’s supposed to, this knife will last for years. Mine is over a year old and I use it every day in the restaurant.

What Do You Get When You Buy The Cuisinart Electric Knife CEK-40?

showThe knife comes with two blades; a carving blade for cutting meat and vegetables, and a bread bead blade for, you guessed it, for cutting bread.

It has got a safety lock so the blades won’t start whirring if someone picks up the knife without paying enough attention. It has supposedly also got an ergonomic handle to make it more comfortable to hold and use.

It also comes with a wood block storage tray. This thing I found a bit useless but I can see why some people would like it. It does look nice but I think it takes up too much space when you can just as well store the knife in a drawer.

The blades are of stainless steel and dishwasher safe, which makes it very easy to keep the knife clean. It also comes with a three year limited warranty so if you have a problem, Cuisinart will take care of it.

Here Are Some Real Words From Other People Who Have Bought And Used It…

“The Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife is by far the best ever, and I’ve used three other brands. The knife and blades store securely in the very attractive tray and the attached cord tucks away neatly behind the stand. I especially like the bread knife which works wonderfully on crusty breads. The blades slip easily into the knife handle and are just as easily removed. This is definitely a quality product and well worth the price.”

Janet E. Morris

“I feed my large breed dog a “raw meaty bone” diet and wanted a reliable knife to cut pork shoulders and other large pieces of meat. This knife exceeded my expectations. Worked so great on the Thanksgiving turkey (not for the dog), that I bought three more as Christmas gifts.”


“I love this knife, cuts great! The blades when inserted do not come apart while slicing meat like other electric knives I have owned. I would recommend it to everyone.”

Judith Thompson

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Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use…
  • Safety lock…
  • Three year limited warranty…


  • Can’t cut through bones but the knife is not made for this…
  • Is a little more expensive than cheaper brands but the quality is far superior…

Is it worth the price?

Electric Carving KnifeWhen you consider the price of a knife, I would say this; there are other brands that are cheaper but the quality is often lower and they don’t last long. This is your choice; you can opt for a cheaper model that will last half a year or spend a little more for something that will last long time.

Where To Get The Best Price?

You can buy the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife in many stores all across the country. You can also find it online in various web shops. The cheapest place to buy that I have found is on Amazon there it only costs $48.55 and it ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. So if you are going to buy a Cuisinart Electric Knife, I recommend you take advantage of the cheap price on Amazon…

Click Here To buy the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Carving Knife from Amazon

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