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I guess you came to this page to read an unbiased and fair review of Eggies so you know if they are worth buying. If you are like me back before I bought them, most of the information you got was from the TV infomercials and a few sales pages online. That is why I decided to write this review, this way I can tell the whole truth about Eggies so you can make an educated decision about buying.

In this Eggies review I’ll cover:

  • Do they really work?
  • Is it a scam.
  • The pros and cons.
  • Where to buy Eggies, should you decide to buy a set.

Do They Really Work?

pic1According to the company that produces Eggies they allow you cook hard-boiled eggs and not having the trouble of peeling the eggs. Now let’s be honest, we all know that peeling an egg is not that difficult but you are probably also aware that peeling several eggs where the shells get stuck can be a pain and this is where Eggies come into the picture.

When you saw the infomercial, you must have noticed that Eggies supposedly allow you to boil a bunch of eggs and have them ready to serve quickly and easily. You might be wondering if this is actually true? I will be honest with you; the first time you use them it is a bit of a hassle, but after using your them a couple of times you will get the hang of it and boiling eggs becomes really easy. As one consumer said,

“To use them is kind of difficult until you do it a couple of times. You’ll want to use medium to small eggs, or use one of your extras for the overflow egg white. When you get a hang of it you’ll never go back to peeling eggs again.”

Kay Powell, As Seen On TV Reviews

And here is another quote from a user,

 “Once you get used to the many pieces, it is just second nature to use them. Much like when you had to do formula bottles for your infant. Boil things, etc. But it was worth it!

You will love these if you have the same scenario as I do. Farm fresh eggs. Just remember not to remove the eggs right when finished. Let cool a bit since there is steam inside and you don’t want to get burned. They slide right out!”

Sharon, Amazon Reviews

The Eggies containers are made of quality plastic that can withstand the heat from the boiling water without leaking any dangerous chemicals into your eggs. Now if you buy them from an unauthorized re-seller you might end up with a fake product. This can be hazardous to your health but when you buy from the company, you are sure to get the real thing.

“There is an imitator out there that looks pretty much identical. The box looks the same. Both have the same pictures and all. The imitator doesn’t fit well together, is made from poor plastic that might not be made for boiling. The instructions is even missing letters and in some cases even words. Please be careful when you buy Eggies so you don’t get this imitator.”

From the Complaint Board

They are easy to clean; just soak them in hot soapy water for a while and you will see that washing them is really easy. You can also put them in the dishwasher which is even easier. As one consumer explains,

“Yes, some the egg white sticks inside but very little and I just put the whole batch of parts in warm soapy water. Let them sit a bit and then hand wash the bottom parts that may have a little egg. Most of the rest of the parts just take a swishing.”

EggieFan82, Amazon Reviews

One thing I really like is that you can season your eggs before boiling them. For this, I can come up with a whole bunch of new recipes I want to try out. Can you imagine boiled eggs with small pieces of bacon or ham inside? (If you have any good combinations for Eggies please send me an Email). Another thing you’ll like is that you can use bottled egg whites to make your boiled eggs, this makes for some healthy boiled eggs for those with high cholesterol.

“I LOVE eggies! They are a fool-proof method to make hard boiled eggs. I love to make cheesy egg salad!.. So here’s how I do it;

Boil eggs with cheese, slice and dice. Mix mayonnaise with paprika, garlic(and celery) and lightly stir in mustard. VIOLA!!!”

Azaki, As Seen On TV Reviews

What About The Eggies Scam That The Internet Talks About?

As Seen On TV Now some people complain and say that they don’t work. They even even refer to it as an Eggies scam. Now I almost agree with them, they don’t work if you use them in a wrong way. And this is the issue; many people just don’t take the time and read the instruction.

First of they need to be coated with a cooking spray so the eggs can easily slide out. Secondly always make sure that the containers are sealed tightly so the eggs can leak out or water get in. Thirdly don’t open them until they have had time to cool down. Now this might seem like common sense to you but there are several negative Eggies reviews that complained about getting burned by opening them right after taking them out of boiling hot water.

Now there are two complaints that I have to agree on. The first is that the hole you pour the egg through is small and the yolk can get stuck spilling egg whites on the counter. Fortunately there is an easy solution, crack the egg into a cup first and then pour it into the Eggies this has another benefit as well, should a piece of the shell fall into the cup it is really easy to pick it out making sure your eggs stay shell free.

“Not much success the first time I tried this but decided to try again. This time I poured the egg into a paper cup, made a spout, and poured the egg into the eggie. Not one drop spilled over! I also made sure all the pieces were put together TIGHTLY. Perfect hard boiled egg, nothing leaked in the pan, tasted great! Wonderful product.”

LCJAlaska, Amazon Reviews

The other problem is when you order your Eggies, they will try to make you buy a lot of other stuff, I think there were six other different offers that I had to say “no thanks” to. For me this was not a problem as I just click the “no thanks” button and progressed to the next page. I just wanted to mention this as some Eggies reviews complain about this as they somehow manage to mess this up.

Pros And Cons


  • Takes a couple of tries to get use to but after that you’ll see how easy and fast Eggies are to use…
  • The hole to pour the egg in is a little small but you can do like me and first pour the egg into cup and then into the container…
  • Ordering can takes some time as there are many other offers they want to sell you but just click the “no thanks” button and you will be fine…


  • They are easy to use and clean…
  • You can season your eggs before they are boiled. Just imagine the possibilities of what you can do…
  • They are really cheap, only $10…

Where To Buy Eggies And Get The Best Deal?

infoBy now you should have all the facts about Eggies and you might be wondering where you can get the best deal. I recommend you buy directly from the official company’s website. There are several good reasons why:

  • Firstly you are sure to get the genuine product. Unfortunately there are several cheap imitations available on the net and in stores. If you buy an imitation you have no way of knowing if it is safe to use for cooking. When you buy Eggies you want a kitchen tool that is non-toxic, durable and safe. If you get a copy there are no guarantees for what you get.
  • Another reason is that other online stores are known to mark-up the price.
  • When you buy them directly from the company (I’ll put the link below), you get a 30 days money back guarantee with the best price available so if you for any reason are not satisfied with the product, you can simply return it.

Right now there is a special double offer running on the official website; if you buy one set of Eggies you’ll get a second set of six for free, plus the company is giving away two egg slicers with you order. I don’t know for how long this offer is going to last so I recommend you go straight to their site and take advantage of this great offer or you can wait around and lose this great chance to get a set of Eggies and two egg slicers for free…

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