Categories : Vegetarian Cuisine

Try these yummy vegetarian falafels. I recommend you use an OrGreenic pan to fry them. Click here for a full review of OrGreenic.

400 g chickpeas
plenty of water

1 chopped onion
2 cloves garlic
100 grams of bread without crust
1 tsp. baking powder
2 small fresh red chili
1 tsp. grounded cumin
½ tsp. turmeric
2 tbsp. minced parsley
3 tbsp. sesame seeds
1 beaten egg
2 tbsp. tahini
2 tbsp. Garam Masala
salt and pepper

oil for frying

chili-tomato pesto:
2 fresh red chili
2 firm tomatoes, cored
3 tbsp. dark syrup
1 cup olive oil
1 cup pine nuts
1 Tbsp. Balsamic vinegar, salt + pepper

Preparation Method
Soak the chickpeas overnight in plenty of water.  The next day rinse them thoroughly. Blend the chickpeas or run them through the mincer together with the onions, garlic, cleaned chili and bread. Mix in the baking powder, parsley, tahini, eggs, sesame seeds and spices. Season the mixture with salt and pepper.

Roll the blended chickpea-mixture into balls the size of walnuts and deep fry them in oil. Server the falafels as a main course with bread and salad, and possibly with sweet chili sauce. Or try this chili tomato pesto it is really easy to make, just blend all ingredients together and season to taste.

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