Posted on February 21, 2012 by Charles Parson

Exploring nature’s pantry, where the berries right now and in the coming months are in abundance.

The strawberry season is starting soon and after it has started wild blueberries may be picked in the forests and other berries awaits such as the popular blackberry, which can be found in the thicket by the roadside and in the forests in the autumn months.

Berries are and have always been a popular eating. They are nature’s candy, and as if the beautiful, sweet taste is not enough in themselves, they are also bursting with vitamins. Just remember to clean them properly as dirt can easily be stuck on them.

Restaurant Green Kitchen position itself as a frontrunner for the so called forest cuisine has possibly made the use of berries even more popular after the restaurant earlier this year was named one of the world’s best restaurants. In addition to dishes with sorrel and wild garlic, which can be found in the forests, you can also find dishes like tartar with rye bread, tarragon and juniper or walleye with cabbage, watercress and unripe elderberries on the Green Kitchen’s menu.


There are many different berries. Some of the most popular are strawberries, raspberries, cherries and blueberries, which can be found in any supermarket in the season, but also the currants and gooseberries are grown in many gardens. Other berries, which belong on the countryside, is less well known as the aforementioned. They include lingo berries and juniper, which can be purchased processed in many places.

Cranberries grow wild in this country in its meadows and in forest clearings, and the small red berries are ideal for making jam, after which they taste wonderful as an accompaniment to wild game. They can be picked in August and September.

Juniper differs from most other kind of berries because they seldom are used in the sweet kitchen. Instead, they are popular as a spice in the salty kitchen, where they among other things are used in stews.

Berries in cooking

Berries can be used in countless ways. Eat them fresh with a dash of cream or sour cream tossed with vanilla sugar, or put them in pies, cakes and muffins. Also, try to impress guests by decorating cakes with a mixture of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and red currants on top of a cake, sprinkled with icing sugar.

Other popular ways to use berries include jams, stewed fruit and homemade ice cream. One may also choose to make a coulis, which is a fruit purée made with for example strawberries or raspberries with added icing sugar or sugar syrup. It looks impressive on a dessert plate with panna cotta or a piece of brownie served with vanilla ice cream.

Juniper is obviously not the only form of berry, which can be used in the salty cuisine. Strawberries are great in salads, while the blackberry can be a part of the sauce to use with for example, duck or game. Also cranberry sauce is very common for the English Christmas dinner or Thanksgiving, where it is served with turkey.

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