Posted on March 06, 2012 by Mary A. Cornwell

Chef Daniel Jeffersen gives his idea on what and how to cook a great dish for less than 20 dollars, a dish that will awaken joy in even the most discerning diners.

Is it the end of the month and your bank account is almost empty, then don’t worry if you have invite friends, in-laws or your sweetheart to dinner. You can always make some pasta as explained in this Pasta Boat Review. Even with a tight budget, it is possible to conjure up a delicious dinner, because good food doesn’t need to cost a lot. Explains Chef Daniel Jeffersen.

“You can eat at various gourmet restaurants and spend a fortune, but it does not necessarily mean the food was any good. For me, good food is something that starts with the choice of raw materials and the way you use them, “he says.

Daniel Jeffersen tries whenever possible to eat healthy and varied both on the job and at home by himself, it is important that all the ingredients are fresh and homemade. This applies to everything from the essence that makes béarnaise sauce to taste like it came from a bistro in France, to the bread and jams, he puts on the table at home.

Good food

It is also evident in his proposal for a delicious dinner for less than 20 dollars, which consists of a pot roasted chicken with beer, which is eaten with new potatoes. Besides beer the recipe also requires honey, carrots, scallions and bacon to be added. Daniel Jeffersen explains why the choice fell on exactly this dish:

“It is a dish we make often at home, and it is a nice dish that is filled with lots of flavor, and you use almost all the chicken.”

According to the chef, this delicious dinner first and foremost is cheap because it is a dish that is not full of ingredients. At the same time you get full value for your money and you get the full effect of the flavors, the combination of the smoky bacon, the sweetness from the honey and the bitter, caramel-like flavor from the beer.

Daniel Jeffersen also emphasizes that by using the hull from the chicken to make stock and getting the carrot peels and the tops from the spring onions into the pot rather than discarding them, saves you money on the ingredients that you would need to buy to give flavor to soup.


To make Daniel Jeffersen chicken with beer, you have to debone a chicken, which is then split into four pieces. The soup is made by first browning the chicken hull in a little butter in a pot and then you season it with salt and pepper. Pour one liter of water into the pot; bring the soup to a boil and remove any impurities. Peel four carrots and remove the tops of eight scallions. The tops and the peel are added to the soup. Leave it to simmer for about two hours then filter it and it is ready for use.

Cut 200 grams of bacon into cubes and fry in a pan with a lid until crisp. Remove from the bacon from the pan and brown the chicken pieces in the fat and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Add 3 tablespoons of honey, which should be allowed to bubble up to let the flavor, penetrate into the chicken. Add 2-3 cups of beer, and again let the liquid boil. Let it simmer for approximately five minutes, add the chicken soup and let it all simmer for about 30 to 40 minutes.

When the chicken pieces are done, they removed and wrapped in tin foil. The liquid is sieved and boiled in a little bit. Boil the carrots until tender in the liquid, and do the same with the spring onions. When serving put the bacon in the bottom of a deep bowl in this is added a little soup. Add a few onions, a carrot and finally a piece of chicken and serve with new potatoes.

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