Posted on March 12, 2012 by Mary A. Cornwell

eggiesIt is morning and you want to pamper yourself with a soft boiled egg. But when you put the spoon in the white surface, it appears that the egg is hard boiled instead. It can be a bit of an art to cook an egg, but now Norwegian scientists solved the problem.

How long to cook the egg? That is the big question that scientists at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oslo have found the answer to. If they wanted to make it easy to boil an egg they could have used Eggies. They have calculated a formula to guarantee you the perfect egg. By entering information such as the egg’s circumference and if the egg should be hard boiled or soft boiled, then the calculator can figure out how long the egg should boil.

‘This formula is worth gold. Have you for example bought a slightly larger egg than normal and not known how long it should be cooked, then just take the laptop into the kitchen and figure it out on the web. It is a great help.

Controlled by habits

He explains that it can be hard to figure out how long the egg should be boiled, because you cannot see whether it is complete or not. But we do have a clear view of how our eggs should taste, and that is something we do not compromise on.

“We are as consumers very conservative and want our eggs to be as usual. We are guided by our habits and boil our eggs, as we have done while growing up with.”

It is a shame, however, that we have so many different ideas about how an egg must be cooked.

Boiling water from start

“There is only one right way to boil an egg, and it is to get it in boiling water instantly, so you’re sure to avoid salmonella. Then you have to give it time, depending on whether you want to have soft boiled or hard boiled eggs.”

You can find the whole formula here.

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