Italian Food and Italian Buffet

Italian buffet and country festival for the whole mob, inspired by Italian cuisine and recipes from the Mediterranean – Grilled chicken, vegetables and lots of Italian food


Mediterranean buffet


Italian buffet has something for everyone. Here with caesar salad, Parma ham, salami and many other delicious Italian delicacies, and antipasti dishes.

Invite friends for dinner need not be so dramatic. Spontaneous and casual dinners are often the nicest. Set up all the food on a table, place one at the grill and hang out.

Meat and vegetables you choose based on availability. Nevertheless, I have written down some suggestions. With no sauce as chutneys, perhaps a little salad and a loaf of bread, it is quite sufficient. A little antipasto and freshly baked bread, is there anything better, still, the first hunger until the grill worn out. Perfect if matarga Mafia come to visit. Everything can be prepared ahead of time. Meat and vegetables taste best freshly grilled but you can give them a quick grilling over high heat, allowing the go clear over low heat (A good idea is to wrap the grilling in foil) and give a last just heat just before serving. And do not forget to relax and enjoy yourselves.


 To calculate the portions to the buffet table is never easy. People take a little of everything right and sometimes unexpected visit. Better to take the top and freeze residues. I have calculated the recipes to Recipe 10 servings of each. Are you expecting many guests or want to be on the safe side, you can double the recipes or expand their own favorites.

When offers buffet to come-an- go guests over a long period of time, be careful how long the food is there. Want to be on the safe side so put cold foods in an ice bath (insert large washers with high edges, long pans or molds with ice cubes and place bowls and small molds with food in), or store food in the fridge and put up little by little. Change or take new bowls and dishes so you do not just fill up with new food on the old food. Heat the hot dishes little by little over time as guests show up. Has the food been arrived several hours at room temperature so discard (save it for the next day anyway) and replace with fresh food.

Simple and good Italian snacks to drink before the buffet gets toasted baguette bread – crostinis – with different ready-made salads and stews as pesto, tapenade or sun-dried tomatoes.

Mediterranean food

Italian appetizers, hors d’oeuvres and antipasti

Choose some that you want below the tips. You do not need to cook all the suggestions. Proposal to drink to drink and Italian snacks: Campari, soda, ice, or Martini Bianco, soda, ice, or chilled white wine from Soave or sparkling wine. Beer or red wine is of course also be down to taste.

Crostini with tapenade

Tapenade is an olive mess that is good as most of it; on toasted baguette as tapas or snacks, together with the grilled fish or grilled chicken on the buffet. Tapenade can be purchased ready to jar. Tastiest is homemade tapenade with Kalamata olives though they are not easy to seed.


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