Posted on March 20, 2012 by Simon Moller

When autumn is coming and it rains and is windy outside. But outside in nature or the greenhouse, this time however, is a positive period because this is the season for lots of fruits, nuts, mushrooms and so on, in other words, a treasure trove of nature’s delicious ingredients all for you and me.

Sweet lovely fruits like apples, plums, pears, we find in abundance in the gardens at this time of year. It’s a good time for these fruits, except some may have marks from heavy rain and hail, but this cannot be tasted in lovely desserts like apple pie, apple crumble cake, old-fashioned apple pie, porridge or you might try some more unconventional things like using apples for jam, stewed with horseradish as an accompaniment to venison or an apple chutney. You can even make small apple cake pops if you want just read this Bake Pops review to learn more. If you have a juice centrifuge apples can also be used for a delicious freshly made juices, for example, try to use apples with carrots, beets, celery and ginger in the juicer, and you get a super healthy juice packed with vitamins.

Plums are delicious to use for trifle, jam, porridge or try to soak the whole plums without stones in Madeira a few weeks or longer, and serve with a dollop of whipped cream or a delicious vanilla ice cream. Pears are great to cook whole, peeled with red wine or brandy and possible dipped in melted dark chocolate. Pears can also be pickled or used in more traditional things like the porridge, which may be frozen, so there will be delicious desserts or snacks throughout the winter. Pears can also be used creatively in salads, for example, with arugula, blue cheese and raspberry vinegar.

Blackberries, blueberries and elderberries are often found in the wild, and they are very expensive to buy, so it is good to get out and look for good places to pick these berries. Blackberries are excellent for jam, muffins, pies, or just fresh with vanilla ice cream and a piece of brownie, or blackberry sauce for venison, the possibilities are endless. The same applies to blueberries use them like blackberries in baked goods, pickled or again in a sauce with port wine for game meat. With elderberry you can make delicious elderberry drinks or a soup with apple pieces, it tastes good both hot or cold and is great to warm you with when you come in from the cold outside. Elderberry, when they are green and immature can also be used to make capers. Wild rose hips are in season at autumn, and rose hips can be used for jam and rosehip drinks.

Nuts can be found in the wild at the moment, this is especially hazelnuts and walnuts. Nuts are very healthy to put on the table as snacks, since it is the healthy fats you get from nuts. Otherwise, nuts can be used in most cakes and pastries with success, but also try to blend 10-15 nuts with frozen berries, a little honey and soy milk or yogurt and drink a healthy smoothie for breakfast or snack.

Mushrooms are a chapter in itself, because currently the woods are full of them, but this requires a little knowledge before you begin. So a good idea is to sign up for an arranged mushroom picking trip with an expert in the field. There are many such trips at this time of year, and on one you can learn the most common edible mushrooms you need to know. There are also many mushroom books on the market, they have both images of mushrooms, and information so that you know what to look for and where, and equally important, what to stay away from.

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