Hi there friend and welcome to my Nuwave PerfectGreen review,

I guess you came to this page because you want to learn more about PerfectGreen frying pan from Nuwave. If this is true then you have come to the right place. In this review I’ll tell you the whole truth about the Perfect Green pan so you can decide for yourself if you want to buy it.

Nuwave Perfect Green Fry Pan

This Nuwave PerfectGreen pan review will cover all aspects of the pan and you will learn all its pros and cons. Unlike most sales pages I won’t keep anything back. After you read through this you should have a clear picture of what the PerfectGreen pan can do for you. So keep on reading…

This is what this Nuwave PerfectGreen review will cover:

  • What is the Nuwave PerfectGreen Pan?
  • What does other people have to say about this pan?
  • Pros and cons
  • Where to buy Nuvawe PerfectGreen pans?

What Is The Nuwave Perfect Green Frying Pan? What Sets It Apart From Other Non-Stick Pans?

PerfectGreen reviewThe Nuwave Perfect Green pan is made by the makers of the world renowned Nuwave Oven. According to the producers it is made out of a high quality stainless steel with an all natural coating made out of diamond infused nano-ceramic Duralon.

This means that the PerfectGreen pans are non-stick, non-toxic and that they won’t flake or wear-off. They are supposedly very easy to clean and handle while at the same time being very durable.

The PerfectGreen manufactures claims that the cookware has got a non-stick natural ceramic surface that requires little to no oil or fat when cooking. As you can imagine this has made the pans very popular amongst health-conscious people and those who are trying to lose weight.

The use of a Duralon coating insures that the pans are free of the carcinogen chemical PFOA. PFOA is a synthetic chemical that is normally found in the conventional non-stick coatings. It has been linked to cancer in humans and animals. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has forced the industry to withdraw PFOA from the market by the year 2015. You are probably aware that being PFOA-free is one of PerfectGreen’s main features. This makes these pans safe alternative to other similar products.

Another thing that sets the Nuvawe PerfectGreen pans apart from its competitors is that its Duralon coating won’t flake, scratch or wear-off into your food. As you can imagine people find this a nice benefit because most people would like to eat food free from PFOA riddled non-stick coating?

Nuwave Perfect Green Fry Pan

What Does Other Nuwave PerfectGreen Reviews Have To Say?

As this pan has just arrived on the market I haven’t been able to find any unbiased reviews on the internet. I will update this part as soon as other people start give their opinions about this frying pan. The only quotes I can give you are from my fellow chefs at the restaurant as I brought the pan in to work to see what they had to say.

“It handles Ok, it is not as good as the pans we use here (at the restaurant) but on the other hand the Nuwave PerfectGreen doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, and for household cooking I think it is fine.”

Anonymous Chef 1

“It feels a little heavier than a normal Teflon pan but the quality is good and it really is non-stick. I like that it’s safe to use and you can fry food without using a lot of fat.”

Anonymous Chef 2

Nuwave Perfect Green Fry Pan

Pros And Cons


  • A little heavier than other pans of the same size…
  • Due to its rising popularity, the shipping takes a little longer as the result of many orders.]
  • There are cheaper alternatives but they are often riddled with the carcinogen chemical PFOA…


  • Non sticky so they are presumably very easy to clean…
  • The natural Duralon surface is claimed to not scratch or flake off…
  • The Nuwave PerfectGreen pans are free from the carcinogen chemical PFOA…
  • Having a non-stick surface means you only need a little bit oil or none at all…

Where To Buy Nuvawe PerfectGreen Pans And Get The Best Deal

Nuwave PerfectGreenBy now you should have a clear picture of what the PerfectGreen pans can do. So maybe you are wondering where to get the best deal on these pans, right? I highly recommend that you buy directly from the Nuwave company’s website, and there are several good reasons why this is a good idea.

  • You are sure to get the genuine product; unfortunately there are several cheap imitations available. If you buy an imitation you have no way of knowing if it is safe to use for cooking. When you buy a PerfectGreen frying pan you want a pan that is non-toxic durable and safe. If you get a copy there are no guarantees for what you get.
  • When you buy directly from Nuwave, you will also get a 60 days money back guarantee and the best price available so if you for any reason are not satisfied with the product, you can simply return it.
  • In addition you will also get a 20 year warranty, which I hope you are aware is a long time and really shows that the company stands behind their product.

There is a special offer going on right now. Because Nuwave is promoting their new product, they are giving away a free extra pan and a ceramic knife that supposedly never needs sharpening. This offer will not last long so I recommend you go straight to their site and take advantage of this great offer or you can wait around and lose this great chance to get a free extra PerfecGreen pan…

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