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I assume that you found this page because you were looking for an OrGreenic review and wanted to learn the truth about this kitchenware. Unfortunately it seems like OrGreenic is having some problems and their internet shop isn’t working properly according to many consumers. You can still buy the OrGreenic Pans at if you like for as long as the supply lasts.

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Here you can find out what I will cover in this review. I will talk about all the aspects of the product from all its benefits and drawbacks to the internet’s warnings of an OrGreenic scam, I will not keep anything back after you read through this you should be able to make an educated decision if this cookware is for you.

Here is what this review will go over:

  1. What is exactly is the OrGreenic cookware and what makes it different from other non-stick cookware?
  2. The design
  3. Is it a scam
  4. Pros and cons
  5. Where to buy and get the best deal

What Exactly Is The OrGreenic Cookware? What Sets It Apart From Other Non-Stick Cookware?

Complete SetAccording to the makers of the OrGreenic cookware, they are non-stick and non-toxic pots and pans that won’t flake or wear-off. They are supposedly very easy to clean and handle while at the same time being very durable.

The manufactures claims that the cookware has got a non-stick natural ceramic surface that requires little to no oil or fat when cooking. This has made the pans very popular amongst health-conscious people and those who are trying to lose weight.

The makers of OrGreenic state that it is free of the carcinogen chemical PFOA. PFOA is a synthetic chemical that has been linked to cancer in humans and animals. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has forced the industry to withdraw PFOA from the market by the year 2015. Being PFOA-free is one of the OrGreenic cookware’s main selling points. This is because most other non-stick cookware contains PFOA and other synthetic chemicals. This makes the OrGreenic kitchenware a safe alternative to other similar products.

Another thing that sets the OrGreenic cookware apart from its competitors is that it has got a ceramic surface over an aluminum body. This means that it presumably won’t flake, scratch or wear-off into your food. Many people find this a nice benefit as who would like to eat their PFOA riddled non-stick coating?

The Design: How Does The Pans Handle?

PanWhile most other reviews will focus on its non-stick and non-toxic features, as important as these are, another aspect any OrGreenic review should look into is its design.

The first thing to point out is that the pans are little heavier than many other pans of the same size. They are not in the same weight class as cast-iron pans but not superlight either.

Another thing that I and many other OrGreenic reviews find beneficial is the Stay-Cool handles. This is a common thing on most modern cookware but it is still a nice touch and lets you cook in confidence.

The OrGreenic cookware set has got an aluminum body which supposedly makes it very strong, durable while keeping light. As one user states:

“I have used the OrGreenic 9” pan for half a year now and I even dropped it and I still haven’t put a dent in it”

midwestgirl, Amazon

“The aluminum body and Stay-Cool handle is designed to look simple while staying ergonomic and keeping a light weight. I never worry about putting any dents in my pans because they are made from such strong yet light materials.”

Matthew, Chowhound

“Because they are so durable you’ll find them a little heavier than most other pans. However I love that I know they will last me many, many years. Even though they are a little heavy they move from the stove to table with ease and without damage.”

DD, Yahoo Answers

The OrGreenic Scam: Is There Any Truth Behind It?

setYes and no… All my research shows that some people find that the cookware’s non-stick surface is not as non-stick as the company claims. This of course would make it a scam but there is another side to the problem, namely that the OrGreenic cookware is not non-stick right out of the box. The company states that you need to “treat” the cookware before you use it. This is why you must read the instructions before you use it the first time.

Another reason for food sticking is according to many consumers that they were cooking with sugar which caramelize when heated and would stick to any surface. As one woman stated:

“The reason it stick earlier is because I was cooking honey Canadian bacon. The sugar in the honey will caramel & stick to the surface.”

John Doe, Amazon

And here is another statement about the OrGreenic kitchenware set:

“I’m thinking most folks that have had problems with these pans sticking, didn’t fully read and follow the “seasoning” directions. They do have to be seasoned to work right…..”

Rhonda, The Shopper, Amazon

Another problem many consumers complain about is when buying directly from the OrGreenic website or call center. They find that the shipping is very expensive (almost $7 per pan) and they force you to also pay shipping for the extra “free” pan and gift so it ends up getting expensive really fast. Another part of the problem is that it is difficult to cancel the order and if you want a refund you still have to pay for all the shipping which is more expensive than the pans themselves. This is what one consumer says about it:

“Went to the web site and it seemed that the first thing was to fill out the info for my address and credit card .This should have set off a large bell.
As you proceed thru the next few pages, all they want is for you to upgrade your order to which I denied.In actuality I was only proceeding to see what the prices were.I finally reached the end (i thought)and there was a survey which I declined.At this point a confirmation came up with a $51.96 bill. I frantically looked for a decline for the order–none to be found. I then did the BACK UP 3 times and I got a page that had my order without funds in the appropriate areas and my total was ‘0’.I figured I was safe.No such luck.I called my credit card and they said I would have to wait until it was posted. I waited a while and when I figured it may be by now–I called the number for customer care for orgreenics and was connected to a PORN SITE # WITH A PERSON FROM LIVE TALK ACTION. Another #was given–1-800-871-TALK.Give it a try.I called 3 neighbors and they received the same response.I called the credit card co. and they called the number and also got live talk action.Anyway, I had also given a WRONG experation date on the form just in case and they somehow injected the correct one before submitting it.Bad business!!!!”

– Doris Kochek, Amazon

One thing I want to point out is that the OrGreenic pans are still great non stick pans that really works. It is just the way they are marketed that is the problem that is why I suggest you buy your OrGreenic pans from as it is cheaper and you won’t get scammed.

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The Pros And Cons


  1. Non sticky so you presumably only need a little bit oil or none at all…
  2. The natural ceramic surface is claimed to not scratch or flake off…
  3. The OrGreenic cookware reportedly is free from the carcinogen chemical PFOA…
  4. Having a non-stick surface makes it presumably very easy to clean…


  1. Heavier than other cookware of the same size…
  2. Needs to be “treated” before first use…
  3. There are cheaper alternatives but they are often riddled with the carcinogen chemical PFOA…

Where To Buy And Get The Best Deal?

Complete Set
Now you have all the facts about the OrGreenic ceramic cookware you might be wondering where to buy it? It is recommend you buy directly from, there are several reasons why this is a good idea.

  • You are sure to get the genuine product, unfortunately there are several cheap imitations available. If you buy an imitation you have no way of knowing if it is safe to use for cooking. When you buy OrGreenic you want cookware that is non-toxic durable and safe. If you get a copy there are no guarantees for what you get.
  • You can get free Super Saver Shipping.
  • Other online stores are known to mark-up the price.
  • You don’t have to deal with people trying to rip you of.

Right now you can buy an OrGreenic pan at Amazon for $18.00. Last I looked there were only a few pans left and I don’t know for how long they will be available so I recommend you go straight to Amazon and take advantage of this great offer or you can wait around and lose this great chance to get a cheap OrGreenic frying pan…

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