An Honest Review With All The Facts About This Popular Cookware

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I assume you came here because you are looking for the truth about the Pasta Boat. You might be wondering if it is worth the money and if it is really a useful kitchen tool. Many reviews and sales pages will have you believe that this is a must have gadget and that you can’t cook pasta without it.


Well this is simply not true! In this review you will learn everything you need to know pasta cooker. I won’t hold anything back and when you have finished reading you will be able to choose for yourself if this product is really something you need.

Here is what this Pasta Boat review will cover:

  1. What is it and how does it work
  2. How does it works
  3. Honest words from people who have bought and used it
  4. The pros and cons
  5. Where to buy the Pasta Boat and get the best price

What Exactly Is The Pasta Boat And How Does It Work?

According to the TV infomercials it is a five-in-one pasta cooker; it states that it can cook, strain, steam, serve and store any leftovers. The bowl is supposedly big enough to cook pasta for an entire family, and at the same time it can be used for cooking a single serving if you are by yourself. And it is all done in your microwave oven.

Now that is all great but you can do all that with an old fashion pot so what sets the Pasta Boat apart from just boiling your pasta? In my opinion it is a lot easier, it is a set and forget principle, you put it in the microwave and then wait 18 minutes and your pasta is ready to serve. It is actually so easy that my kids can do it. The only thing you have to worry about is that it has to cook without the lid on so before you remove it from the microwave, be sure to put the lid back on or you might spill hot water and get burned.

The Pasta Boat is also supposed to steam vegetables and potatoes, as a chef this goes against my better judgment and I haven’t tried it out but my wife informs me that it does work and the potatoes are supposedly really tasty and easy to make.

The biggest problem with it is the size; if your microwave is too small the boat might get stuck and not rotate around inside your microwave. If you only own a small microwave oven, don’t buy the Pasta Boat as you won’t be able to use it.



What Does Other People Have To Say About It?

“It makes pasta making so much easier. Formally I used a pot which took forever to cook, required constant watching and was a pain to clean. This completely changed the way I cook pasta. I’m excited to use it.”

– B.Buzzini at Amazon

 “I saw this on TV and instantly wanted one! About two months later I finally ordered one and received it. I have NEVER had so much pleasure cooking pasta before, it makes life so much easier than a sauce pan, having to strain it, etc. etc.”

– AussieGirl at Amazon

“This product has many great features including the handles that stay cool and measure your pasta. It is a large pasta boat, great for even your largest recipes.”

– mosmo47 at Amazon

“I got a pasta boat after looking at them in the store over and over again. Turns out it works great! No more lugging a huge pot of water from the sink to the stove. No more boil-overs. Even cooks whole wheat pasta perfectly! It’s easy and it’s great if you’re only cooking for one or two. So much less clean up and mess. I was seriously surprised at how well it works. Great item!”

– Jenster 

“I bought this to steam rather than cook pasta. This is the best steamer for ease of use and cleanup that I have used.”

– Preston at Amazon


Pros And Cons


  • It makes cooking pasta really easy and the strainer lid make the straining process just as easy.…
  • It is easy to clean and you can even put it in the dishwasher…
  • It can also be used for cooking potatoes, rice and steaming vegetable…


  • It is big and if you have a small microwave it might not fit…
  • It only works without the lid on, so remember to put the lid back on before you remove it from the microwave…
  • Because it is so popular, the delivery time takes a little longer than promised…

Where To Buy Pasta Boat And Get The Best Price?

boxNow that you have all the facts and have decided to buy a Pasta Boat you might wonder where you can get the best price. It is recommended that you buy directly from the official company for several reasons. Let me tell you why…

  • Firstly, you are sure to get the genuine product; unfortunately there are several cheap imitations available. If you buy an imitation, you have no way of knowing if it is safe to use for cooking. When you buy cookware you want some that is non-toxic durable and safe. If you get a copy there are no guarantees for what you get, the plastic might produce toxic residues into the food when you heat it in the microwave.
  • Another reason is that other online stores are known to mark-up the price.
  • When you buy it directly from the company (I’ll put the link below), you get a 30 day free trial with the best price available so if you for any reason are not satisfied with the product, you can simply return it.

Right now there is a special double offer running on the official website; if you buy one Pasta Boat you’ll get a second one for free, plus a cookbook and an easy to use food chopper. I don’t know for how long this offer is going to last so I recommend you go straight to their site and take advantage of this great offer or you can wait around and lose this great chance to get a free Pasta Boat…

CLICK HERE To Take Advantage Of The Current Special Double Offer On The Pasta Boat

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