Posted on January 20, 2012 by Charles Parson

The Big Boss GrillHi,

I have bought some betty crocker pancake mix. It also has recipe for waffles.

I don’t have a waffle-maker at home, but a sandwich toaster this is a simple sandwich toaster and not a fancy one like the Big Boss Grill that can do everything.

I was wondering if anyone has tried to make waffles in sandwich maker successfully with tips if any,.



Hi Rashmi,

I have never tried making waffles in a sandwich maker , but there are a few problem I can envision with this. A waffle maker makes the waffles crisp because of the way the batter is thinly distributed in all its groves. i.e. a lot of surface area is exposed to heat. If you tried making waffles in a sandwich maker you might end up with :

1. uncooked sandwich shaped waffles/pancakes i.e. the center will not cook well as there is way too much batter.
2. pancakes shaped like a sandwich and crisp on one side, while soft on the other ( as you will most probably have to put in less batter to avoid an uncooked or mushy center)

I could be wrong.

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