Posted on January 20, 2012 by Charles Parson

I’ll soon be in the market for a small “Go Anywhere” gas grill to carry in the pickup. I’ll want one that I can either use a one lb bottle or hook up a larger tank to. Light enough to put on the tailgate or pic-nic table and use when or where I cant use briquettes. I already have a Big Boss Grill but would want something a bit bigger. Any Ideas. Wally world has several but which one is the best to carry around so it won’t take up to much space and tough enough to take a beating???

Thanks in advance:


Howdy, Mark

For a “portable” “tabletop” grill, I would suggest:

The Sunbeam portable gas grill, the larger of the two models, This rig (as far as I know)is offered only at Wal_mart and they are a seasonal item. This low cost portable is a pretty good cooker for the price, whice is around 30 bucks US.

Stepping up a bit, the Weber “Go-Anywhere” portable gas grill is a good choice, a good cooker, and goes for around 50 bucks US.

Stepping up a bit more, the BBQ Grillware, all stainless steel portable grill. Model 720-0001 which is offered at Lowe’s Hardware. This is a stoutly made grill, it is made entirely of stainless, Outside cabinet, inside burner and grills. It is a larger grill than most portables and can feed a lot of people. Of course, being all stainless, this rig weighs a little more also. This grill goes for 100 bucks, US. I have one of these and it’s a good cooking grill.

All these grills mentioned, and most other portables usually run off a spin-on propane can, but, all can be run off a big 20lb tank with an adapter fitting.


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