Posted on February 18, 2012 by Martin Adler

Avoid stress, impulse buying and queues at the supermarket. By planning your meals you don’t just spend less time on your daily practicalities, you can also save money.

If the day doesn’t have enough hours or you just hate to stand in line at the checkout in your local supermarket, planning your meals and using modern technology like the Pasta Boat (read a review here) is the way forward. Not only to avoid the familiar problems of having to devise both an exciting and nutritious dinner in the late afternoon, there is also less risk of succumbing to the expensive and unhealthy take-away from the local restaurant.

Planning your meal, for a week at a time means that you only have to go shopping once a week. It has the advantage that were previously you spent several hours a week on shopping, now you have more time to be with your family or do recreational activities that you before were unable to do because of your daily duties.

That is precisely why stress expert Randy Greene is a supporter of meal planning – especially for busy families:

“There is no doubt that they can take advantage of meal planning. If you plan meals once a week you can save time and you don’t have to think of what to buy for dinner every day, “he says.

Less stress and more presence

Randy Greene explains that the use of meal planning means you have more time to make good and healthy food or being with the kids and that just this way of saving time means that you can be more present in daily life. Stress experts also emphasizes that in addition to the extra time you saved from not having to queue at the supermarket every day, there’s also a side benefit in the form of a financial saving, as one is less tempted to impulse buying.

Head chef at the Blue House Daniel Fisher is also in favor of meal planning.

“I think that for the busy family it is important to have a meal plan for the week, so you can shopping and have the ingredients at home all week, at least the raw materials that don’t spoil.”

Get new inspiration with meal planning

Meal planning can be done both by yourself or you can sit down with your family and take note of what the individual wants to eat during the week, or you can save even more time, get inspiration from the outside and maybe even put new dishes on the table that you’ve never tasted before, by letting others take care of all the practical, this means you simply must do the shopping and cook the meal.

If you decide to put together a meal plan, or use a readymade meal plan where you replace one or two of the dishes with your family’s favorites, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to save further time and money.

“If you make yourself a meal plan, you should put a little focus on what leftovers can be used the next day. If you for example got curry with rice, then you can cook some extra rice and the following day make a delicious dish of fried rice with vegetables and duck. It is all about being a bit ahead “explains Daniel Fisher.

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