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If you like food from Southern India then this recipe might be for you. It comes from Andhra Pradesh and like most recipes from there it can be a bit hot. If you don’t like your food hot you might want to reduce the amount of chilli you use. If you want to make sure your food stay clean and healthy you might want to use non-toxic cookware like OrGreenic. Here is an unbiased OrGreenic cookware review if you want to learn more. Another thing to keep in mind is to use the right chilli powder. The chilli powder in this particular recipe referrers to grounded chillis like the ones you can find  in Indian markets. Don’t use Mexican chili powder as this often contains other spices.

300 Grams Slender Brinjal (Eggplant)
For Masala:
4 Tbsp Bengal Gram Dal
1 Tsp Fenugreek Seeds
1 Tbsp Coriander Seeds
1 Tsp Black Mustard Seeds
6 Red Chillies
For Curry:
8 Tbsp Oil
Salt — To Taste


Preparation Method
1. Fry masala, cool and grind.
2. Slit brinjal into four sections lengthways without cutting off the
crown. Fill masala inside. Tie with thin twine to keep masala intact.
3. Sprnkle salt and fry on low heat, turning the brinjals carefully. Remove
from fire when cooked, and also remove the twine.


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