Categories : Indian Cuisine

This is a recipe from Andhra Pradesh in  Southern India. This region of India is known for its hot and spicy food. If you like Indian food but don’t like it too hot then you can always reduce the amount of chilli. I also recommend using some OrGreenic cookware if you want to make sure your food is clean and healthy. It is probably some of the best non stick cookware available right now.

The chilli powder referred to in this recipe consists of only grounded chillis (as those found in the Indian markets), not the typical mexican chili powder which may contain other spices.

300 Grams Ladyfingers (Okra)
4 Tbsp Cumin Seeds
3 Tbsp Chilli Powder
Salt — To Taste
6 Tbsp Oil

Preparation Method
1. Make one inch slits lengthways in the center of the ladyfingers.
2. Grind together the cumin seeds, chilli powder and salt, after adding a few drops of water.
3. Stuff the ladyfingers with this mixture, and fry on low heat until cooked.

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