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Frozen cheesecake of mascarpone

Frozen mascarponecheesecake with red delicious summer berries. “The tastiest I’ve done.” This is a simple birthday cake you can make by whipping up things you have in your kitchen! The looks and the taste are second to none! Ingredients 4 pc organic eggs … Continue reading

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Parmesan Bowls

  Parmesan bowls filled with tart, sweet and salty! The recipe is calculated for four people.   Serves: 4-6   Completion of: 45 minutes   Ingredients   Parmesan Bowls 2 cup Parmesan cheese, grated avocado and mango salsa with Parma … Continue reading

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Moussaka With Squash And Greek Yogurt

Categories : Greek Cuisine If you like Greek food I am sure you will love this variation of the classic moussaka. It tastes really good and is easy to make. Ingredients Meat sauce: 500g minced beef, veal & pork or … Continue reading

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Cheese Cake Ice Cream

A very good frozen cheesecake, which is like an ice cream cake, is easy to make and can be prepared months in advance if you will. You get 6-8 portions and it takes 30 minutes to make and 5 hours … Continue reading

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